Straight from the Tiger’s Mouth (November)


“Oh, I can whip the nae nae.” – Quad

“I’ve definitely highlighted my cat before.” – Room 204

“Are you calling me an absolute zero?” – Upstairs hallway
“Ah, the salad! Crispy yet wet at the same time, and as you bite into it, it awakens your sinuses.” – Room 14

“Siri, search antelope butt.” – Quad
“I like your dress, it reminds me of a Glass Animals music video.” – Room 108

“Yesterday I killed a cricket with my physics homework.” – Room 113
“This noodle looks like an ampersand. Appreciate the ampersand!” – Senior steps


“The death penalty is like Christmas” –Room 213


“Tengo un sandwich bigass.” –Village 5


“I wish I was a fetus right now!” – Cross Country