Take a Hike: Sonoma Coast State Beach Trails

Lars Dellos, Staff Writer

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Hey all! As I’m heading to pursue my wildest(pun intended) dreams at college, this is my last Take A Hike. I hope you all enjoyed my articles, and maybe even checked out a spot or two. Today we’re covering one of my favorite spots, Sonoma Coast State Park! A series of trails connecting beaches from North Bodega Bay to the mouth of the Russian River, the Beach Trails are a great casual way to see the coast and get some fresh sea air.

My personal favorite stretch goes from Shell Beach to Goat Rock Road. Starting from Shell Beach, you can do a 4-mile round trip that ends at Peaked Hill, just south of Goat Rock Road. Jutting out from the coast, Peaked Hill offers dramatic views of the surrounding Sonoma hills and the Pacific Coast. You could also continue further north to the mouth of the Russian River. The estuary where the river and ocean meet has some prime beach grounds. You can have a picnic, rent a kayak in nearby Jenner, or just watch the sea lions enjoying a moment in the sun.