Tiger Tea: Volume 1


Eli & Carol

Cold: Mr. Rose a led Ted Talk to anyone who would listen, cafeteria roaches

Lukewarm: The Tiger statue on the front lawn isn’t even a real tiger! Not in our

Hot: The paint peeling off the lockers on the first floor is the flesh of unspirited
freshmen. . . and seniors.

Piping Hot: Ghost of Duke Ellington in the second floor boys bathroom is
actually the compiled smoke from nicotine addicted freshman.

Smoldering: Hayley Palk has been rumoured to be in heated relationship with
Tesla Founder and Billionaire, Whoopi Goldberg.

Boiling: Juliet Capriola caught larping with boyfriend Iain Douch in front of the
Dollar Tree, most likely Happy Feet, as the couple has been rumoured to have
made purchases of “Happy Feet” merchandise from Party City.