Proposition and Measure Information

Lars Dellos, Environmentalist

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There are not just candidates up for voting this year. Statewide propositions and county-wide
measures are also up for grabs.
There are 11 propositions on the statewide ballot and 18 proposed Measures in Sonoma County.
While your best place to find out about this information is by far (just search
California propositions 2018 Ballotpedia or Sonoma County CA propositions 2018), in this article I will
discuss a couple of big propositions and the measures for the Sebastopol area.
The Measures for Sebastopol specifically are Measures Q and R. Q would permanently ensure the
half-cent/dollar sales tax to fund city purposes and functions. R would increase the hotel tax on local hotel
guests from 10% to 12%. Countywide, Measure M is a .0125% sales tax that would go entirely to
preserving and maintaining local trails, waterways, and natural areas.
Again, looking up the propositions online using a reliable source such as Ballotpedia or the state’s
own website is the best way to find out about them. Regardless, here is some information about some of
the more controversial propositions.The rejected Proposition 9, for instance, proposed splitting California
into three states in a very strange manner. As opposed to sticking with the traditional
SoCal-NorCal-Jefferson model, it had half-brained ideas of state lines. Fortunately, it was struck down by
the California Supreme Court. Proposition 10 proposes local governments to implement rent control on
houses at will, repealing the current housing act. Most are opposed due to the chaos and power plays it
would create, but others argue it’s the desperate solution needed to fix our housing crisis and stop the
exodus of many Californians to places such as Nashville and Boise.
Regardless of your stance on these issues, if you are of age please do vote! And if you aren’t 18
yet, be sure to pre-register. No matter your political affiliation, your voice matters and deserves to be

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