Pool Updates

Pool Updates

From your Pool Supervisor


Welcome back Tigers! Let’s make this a purr-fect year by obeying the following guidelines:


No peeing in the pool. That same water is used in the water fountains.

School is back in session and with it comes the crushing realization that in order for you to succeed, you must stop binge-watching every season of The Office during your free period and pick up your pencil.

Halloween is on a Wednesday, meaning that homework is still due the next day. Thus, the annual Pumpkin festival celebration will be held on the 30th. Requirements are that one must be dressed up. There is a zero-violence policy. Last year’s incident involving pigs blood and the faculty was a disaster.

Pool goers and resident lifeguards alike are expected to follow these updated regulations. Any misbehavior will result in shunning by the Pool Update community. Have a great October!