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Straight From The Tiger’s Mouth- March 2018

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Straight From The Tiger’s Mouth- March 2018

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“When you wear rose-colored glasses, all the red flags in a relationship just look like flags.”

  • Room 208


“Why am I the endoplasmic reticulum of this friendship?”

  • Room 14


“Are you really gonna talk to the queen in the ‘tú’ form?”

  • Village 1


“The Amazon is a voluptuous forest”

  • Room 14


“Only smart people can echolocate”

  • L1


“How do you pronounce the wax drawing implements?”

  • Room 17


“My mind is like a steel trap. Actually, it’s more like a steel colander”

  • Room 109


“My life is like a giant participation ribbon”

  • Main Hall


“Aw, you look less like an egg in that photo. Good for you”

  • Library


“What’s the deal with vacuums? Why do they have the whole double ‘u’ thing happening?”

  • Upstairs Hallway


“Today’s proverb: when the horse kicks you in the face, kick it back”

  • Room 208


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Straight From The Tiger’s Mouth- March 2018