Pool Updates

Pool Updates

Pool Supervisor

It’s almost spring, everyone! It’s a time of new beginnings. For seniors, that means time to choose a college. If you are a senior, here’s wishing you get in to your ideal school. And, if said school rejects you, they don’t deserve you.


Daylight Savings starts March 11th this year. You should know by now whether that means you set your clocks forward or back. If you’re not sure, just pick one. If you get it wrong, blame senioritis.


Another new beginning is the Equinox on March 21st. There will be a ceremonial re-opening of the pool at sunrise. Or later. Show up if you want. If not, blame senioritis.


This April 1st is Easter. It’s the perfect excuse to use eggs for your pranks. Go wild: throw eggs at buildings, put eggs on your friends’ seats for them to sit on, and egg your friends on to do pranks of their own. If they get mad at you, that’s their problem – they smashed the beautiful eggs you carefully hid! Or just blame senioritis.


Spring break this year is the 24th of March to the 1st of April. It’s a well deserved break after the third quarter, but be warned: it is the last break until finals week. Be ready for a long haul. Or give up. The beach is really nice this time of year. Blame senioritis.


The Ides of March (the 15th), also known as “Stab Your Best Friend in the Back Day,” is a Thursday. As usual, we will have our annual caesar salad fundraiser at the pool. Since no one ever wants to volunteer to be Caesar, we are encouraging people to secretly nominate their friends and trick them into attending. Friends come and go, but the memory burns forever.


Let’s have a great spring, people!