In Memoriam: Ruby Salkeld


Kate Peinkofer, Staff Writer

Ruby Salkeld, a Junior at Analy this year, lost her battle with a brain tumor on January 18th. Loved by all, she was a bright and joyous soul. She worked very closely with Patty Pifer, a teacher at Analy, with her coursework when she was unable to attend school in person. In a note to the Analy staff, Ms. Pifer explained that Ruby will be most remembered for her “zest for life, the ever present curiosity she displayed, her love of academics, and [her] grace of a wise person beyond her years.” Ruby was an incredibly well-rounded girl who was involved in French, art, and loved reading. She was so incredibly kind, and she would want all of us to remember her by spreading love and compassion. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts.


Ruby’s kindness is best illustrated by her friends. Here is what some of them have to say about her:


“I met Ruby freshman year and we hung out in a group with a few other friends, and if she didn’t go to Safeway (to get coconut water), we would all eat right outside of the small gym. We took AP World together sophomore year for the first semester before she was diagnosed. Ruby was always so honest and wise. She understood the world in a way none of us could and cared about everyone, she was kind of the ‘mom’ of our group. She always wanted to be able to fix all our problems before her own, even after she got sick. She was funny too, of course, and loved to have fun in many different ways. We both liked Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Bob’s Burgers, Parks and Recreation – so even if they’re just books and shows, they’ll always make me think of her and everything she was passionate about. There’s a quote from Lord of the Rings: ‘All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us,’ and that reminds me of Ruby and what she represented – especially in the last few months – and it is also something that she taught me through how she lived her life.


She was also one of the only people who actually liked my dog which is a very rare thing. She was a very, very special person and was always able to see the good in everyone. It isn’t fair that someone who was so true and loving should be taken so early. Even though she isn’t here with us anymore, her passion and her love – which were so strong – will always be with us. Her love, like momentum, is conserved. I will always be inspired to be more inquisitive, more caring, more passionate because of her. I miss her every day, and I wish so much that she could have had more time, but I know that her love will always remain with me and everybody she cared about.”

  • Emily Cline


“I’ll remember her with that huge smile she carried. I’ll remember having the best times together. I can’t even imagine what her family must feel like. My heart sank. Now my mind is lost. Till we meet again, sweetie. Love you, Ruby. 5/11/01 – 01/18/18”

  • A long-time friend


“Ruby Salkeld shared her wisdom with the world and her old soul was admired by all. I will miss the adventures we both shared and the amazing person I was lucky enough to meet. The world was blessed to have sixteen years of her kindness and bravery. Although Ruby is no longer here, she will be in my heart forever. My memories of her are still vivid. I see her all around me.”

  • Elena Crosby