Straight From The Tiger’s Mouth – February 2018



“The school could use a flooding right about now”

  • Hallway


“Pain always brings out my sarcastic side”

  • Room 203


“Ice to see you. I’m sorry, that was cold of me”

“Get. Out.”

  • Hallway


“Thank God I’m being plagiarized. It must be right”

  • Quad


“Would it be weird if I washed my hair in the school’s bathroom sink?”

  • Hallway


“I would fight him for one stale cracker”

  • Room 14


“I think I get dehydrated because I cry so much”

  • Upstairs Hallway


“I always have an anxiety attack right after submitting to You never know what might happen”

  • Library


“We’re all gonna die anyway, so who cares what shirt you wear?”

  • Upstairs Hallway