Senior Year: The Truth in a Rhyme

Alana Cree, Social Media Editor

Senior year has not been a dear.

I’m forever stuck in this stressful atmosphere.

Although graduation is drawing near,

I have a rational fear: “Will I be able to persevere?”


College is a big deal and the struggle is real.

I have worked for this moment my entire high school career.

Will I be accepted to school or have to work at Sears?  

The thought of that job truly makes me sneer.

This year was supposed to be easier.

What a lie, this is even worse than Junior year!

I thought I would be swinging from chandeliers,

But instead I am extremely insecure.


The thing getting me through this is the movie premieres –

I just said that because to my rhyme it adheres –

But seriously, great movies have brought me to tears –

If you haven’t seen Molly’s Game steer your way to the theater.


If you gained nothing from this “poem”– please listen here:

Senior year is a pain in the rear!

Good luck Juniors and get this through your ears:

I advise you to invest in some crash landing gear!