Straight From The Tiger’s Mouth- April 2018


“You know when you’re growing up and you think your family’s functional?”

  • Room 208


“Bruh how people drown, like, just drink the water?”

  • Village


“I can’t win against you, but I can verbally assault you.”

  • The Gym


“Yo, lowkey I’m built like a grocery bag.”

  • Girls’ Locker Room


“Some people actually drink water, have clear skin, healthy eating habits, and do their homework on time. Wow, what a concept.”

  • Library


“What if the piano is a socialist?”

  • Room 208


“I’m gonna become an avocado. That way I can be loved by everybody”

  • Computer Lab


“Do you have horse lungs AND regular lungs?”

  • Room 208


“I’m so glad I wasn’t born a rodent.”

  • Room 14


“Because, in addition to being selfish, sheep are stupid.”

  • Library