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Alexa Gatmaitan, Staff Writer

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The fires of Santa Rosa brought devastation and despair upon residents. People milled about in the ruins of their homes, while others reached out to those who had lost everything. Many grouped together and formed Undocufund, an organization whose goal is to give back to undocumented people in need of food, water, and housing.

Several members of Analy’s staff have connections to Undocufund. The recent choir concert, organized by Mr. DelMonte, was a way to raise money for Undocufund, who will put it towards fire recovery efforts.

Undocufund’s goal is to use the donations they receive to support undocumented people – as well as people of all races – and raise a minimum of at least $5 million. With the organization giving all they can to the undocumented, Undocufund will certainly go far. But it’s not only Undocufund helping these poor people. According to The Sonoma County Gazette, the residents of Bodega Bay decided to aid the people who came to their town looking for help, and the residents of Roseland took matters into their own hands by putting out the incoming fires that were headed for their town. However, not everyone knew of the oncoming fires.

Through Undocufund, more than 200 families were financially assisted and those who helped them made sure everyone’s homes and belongings were replaced. Undocufund has the ability to offer health care, temporary housing, equipment, and educational materials. The organization is a supporting push for anyone who needs it.

Many people who lost their homes are afraid that because of the president’s exacting stance on immigration, they’ll be deported if they ask for help. They wonder where they will settle down next. Meanwhile, construction workers are rebuilding what other people lost. Aside from losing loved ones and/or houses, some people were forced to evacuate without taking their special pets with them. Losing pets is as hard as losing family and friends. The people who died or went missing in the fires are remembered by their family and friends. Many pets survived the fires, only to find themselves roaming the ruins of their home, alone. Thankfully, most of these animals were sheltered, including many horses at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.

It’s not only Undocufund reaching out to others – it’s firefighters and people who choose to volunteer and help others in need. This choice has brought many people together.


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