Celebrity Obituaries

Claire Nelson, Staff Writer

2017 was a year that most people, whether they loved or hated it (probably the latter), will never forget. In 2017 we lost many beloved voices and silver screen faces. Here is a small obituary for those who made such an impact in their lifetimes:

Fats Domino, a popular and lovable R&B/Motown singer and pianist, famous for his songs “Ain’t That a Shame” and “Walking to New Orleans,” died at 89. We also lost Tom Petty, beloved 70’s rock singer and frontman of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. He died of a heart attack at 66. Popular songs of his are “Free Fallin,”  “I Won’t Back Down,” and “Stop Draggin’ my Heart Around ft. Stevie Nicks.” In 2017, Chester Bennington, lead singer for Linkin Park, committed suicide due to an ongoing battle with depression. He was only 41. Lastly, Chuck Berry died at the age of 90. He is best known for his songs “Johnny B. Goode” and “Roll Over Beethoven.” Berry was a driving artist in the 50’s for rock ‘n’ roll.

Besides singers, we lost Roger Moore, the second actor to play James Bond in the series. He appeared in seven James Bond movies, the most of any actor. These include Live and Let Die and Octopussy. Lastly, we lost Adam West to Leukemia at the age of 88. West was the first actor to play the role of Batman on TV during the 1960’s. He defended Gotham City, and he stole our hearts.

Though it is sad that we lost so many this year, we will always remember the amazing things they accomplished in their lifetimes. These singers and actors will be greatly missed.