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A Royal Engagement

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On November 27th, news
confirmed the engagement of
actress and humanitarian Meghan
Markle to Prince Harry, fifth in
line to the British throne. It has
been over 81 years since an American
married into the British royal
family. The last woman was Wallis
Simpson, an American Socialite.
Her engagement in 1937 to Edward
VIII erupted in scandal when
it was discovered that she had
previously divorced two men. The
second man, Ernest Simpson was
still married to Wallis when she began
her affair with Edward. Back
in the late 1930s, it was unheard of
for a member of the royal family
to marry a divorcée. Because of
this scandal, Edward VIII abdicated
his throne, passing it to his
younger brother George. The two
lived out their days in exile.
The engagement of
Meghan Markle signifies three
major milestones. Markle, a star
on the hit law show Suits, is not
only an American but a divorcée.
These things are not a problem
anymore as the Queen, along
with the other members of
the royal family,
have given
the engagement
their blessing. Lastly,
Meghan Markle is
biracial, her father being
white and her mother
African-American. This will
be the first biracial royal in
the family. (However, many speculate
that Queen Charlotte, married
to King George III in the 1760’s,
was also of African descent.)
Either way, Meghan
Markle is making
history as an
American, biracial, and previouslydivorced
woman marrying into the
British Royal Family. Hooray!
The happy couple plan to
have their wedding in the spring
of 2018 with the family’s blessing.
It’s party time everyone (unless
you watch Suits, where Markle
regrettably announced she
would be stepping away
from her acting
career once she is
married, in order
to focus on humanitarian
issues)! Either
way, we’re happy for
Prince Harry as well, even
if he is off the market

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A Royal Engagement