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Ten Tips for Freshman

The Crotchety Old Seniors

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Hey kiddos, if you’re a freshman you’re probably still adjusting to high school life, which can be kinda hard. Here are out top ten tips to make your high school transition smoother. Maybe these can even help you become cooler.

  1. Always stand directly in the middle of the downstairs hallway. Everyone loves to dart awkwardly around you as you take up all the room to walk. The closer to the doors and stairwells, the better.
  2. Be a rebel. Walk the opposite way as everyone else when using the stairs. Stand out!
  3. Be sure to take your time in the lunch line. Everyone loves to starve while waiting for you. They definitely haven’t been hungry since second period.
  4. Be as loud as humanly possible in the hallways. Especially when class is going on. It’s important that everyone in the whole school knows what you are talking about all the time!
  5. Always do things out of order. This means that you’re trendy, not disorganized.
  6. And always feel free to visit the pool on the roof whenever you want. Just make sure you buy a pass first, nothing will impress your friends like telling them how much money you just gave a senior for a piece of paper. Just ask the Pool supervisor if you have questions.
  7. If you don’t like a class you’re in, tell the teacher. Make sure they know just how much you don’t want to be in their class or listen to them talk. Nothing forms a better student teacher relationship than a mutual dislike of each other.
  8. Never do you homework .Teachers will be super impressed with your attitude and will definitely just give you an A anyway.
  9. Don’t finish anything you start, even if it’s just finishing a ten item list. Be lazy or you’re a nerd.
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Ten Tips for Freshman