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Food For The Common Dude- Summer Treats

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As the sweltering summer days approach, it is vital that we all have some tricks up our sleeves to cool down. Those tricks are popsicles, which are very cold. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a refreshing pop.

●Yogurt popsicle: Vanilla yogurt, fruit, and granola make a delicious healthy treat that can be eaten at any time of the day. Use a small dixie cup or a popsicle mold to shape the popsicles. Dump some granola into the bottom of the popsicle mold and press fruit against the sides of the mold, so that the fruit is visible once the popsicle is removed from the mold. Pour yogurt in to fill the mold. If the yogurt is too thick to pour smoothly, mix in some milk with the yogurt to loosen it up. Freeze overnight, and voila… a delicious, healthy popsicle that can double as breakfast.

●Fruit popsicle: Mix two cups of frozen strawberries, ¼ cup apple juice, 2 tablespoons honey, and juice of ½ lemon in a blender. Pour into molds and freeze overnight.

●Refreshing juice pop: Use fresh lemonade, bottled lemonade, or lemonade concentrate (thawed and mixed with water) and pour into a popsicle mold. Rip mint leaves into the lemonade and crush some raspberries into the mixture. Freeze overnight

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Food For The Common Dude- Summer Treats