May the Birdie Be with You: Analy’s Flying Tigers Badminton Team 

Karah Bengs, Staff Writer

Though the season may have been postponed due to the rain, the Analy Badminton team is back and ready to defend last year’s SCL title. The head coach we all know and love, Nancy Williams, will return for her seventh year coaching the team. Returning for his second year as assistant coach is Mr. Casey Williams (the bodyguard strikes again!) and Analy graduate Sydney Sumaull will join the coaches, using his expertise from his years as Analy’s number one. In all my years playing, this is the smallest team we have seen so far, but strength does not always lie in numbers. This year’s team will be tiny but mighty.
As we are just in our training period and the season has not yet started, it is hard to say exactly what this season will have in store for us. The new year means all new teams, so you can never get ahead of yourself. Badminton is a huge mental game and psyching yourself out before a game can destroy you before you even have the time to play. I think the most important part of the game is to never become your own worst enemy. You are battling an opponent, there’s no need to create an inner battle, too.
Due to the weather, badminton’s start was a little rocky. Weather conditions made the roads home dangerous and the leaking in the old gym halted practice and made the team unable to play. Now hopefully it will be full steam ahead.
We are already off and running. Literally, you may have seen us on the track. Badminton takes no quitters, and is not for the faint of heart. We work hard and play hard. Even the new freshmen have so much potential. The team this year is pretty senior-heavy, but it’s bittersweet knowing it’s their last time on the court as tigers.
I hope to keep you updated as the season continues and encourage you to show school support for Analy’s scrupulous sport: badminton.