Analy Track and Field 2016

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Analy Track and Field 2016
The 2016 Track and Field season is coming to an end with the SCL Championship meet on May 12th for the JV team and May 14th for the Varsity team. The team has had its ups and downs this season, but has stuck together through the good and the bad to form an unbreakable bond and to show the entire SCL that the Tigers do not back down from a challenge.
With no track or field at the beginning of the season, Coach Mark Grismer found unique ways to keep the team in shape including repeats at Laguna, long runs to Andy’s Market, sprinting up the hill by the police station, stair workouts in the student parking lot, creative routes around the tennis court area, and core workouts in the Quad. After about four weeks of creative workouts, the team was finally able to access the field, and a couple weeks later the concrete that would soon be the track. About three weeks ago, however, the track was finally set and the Tigers were able to host Petaluma and El Molino on April 27th, 2016.
Despite not having an actual track or field until the end of the season, the team never lost hope and stuck together through everything. Whether it was running in the rain, lots of lunges, or ten 200 meter dashes, the Tigers kept their heads up and refused to be defeated. We wish the team luck at the SCL finals.