Pool Updates (April)

Pool Updates (April)

Last Friday was April Fools, AKA April fishes. We all enjoyed the pranks, but we still need help cleaning the mess. The pool will be closed until the following are cleaned up:

-The dummy in the tiger shark wetsuit with Ketchup smeared on it

-The empty jars of yellow dye next to the pool

-The nacho volcano filled with rings

-The cow painted with orange and black stripes

-The cow painted blue and white

-The pile of stones surrounding a picture of Mr. Sticke

l -The diving board facing away from the pool

Thank you for your cooperation.

Spring has sprung everyone! As part of our commitment to sustainability, and to celebrate spring planting, we are experimenting with floating chinampas in the pool. We will be growing beans and herbs, and providing habitat for local endangered species. Think of them as an added challenge as you navigate your lanes, or as a floating sunscreen. Please don’t use them as lily pads, and please don’t plant any unsanctioned herbs on them.

The Apple Blossom Parade is April 16th. As usual, there will be reserved seating at the pool, and a model boat parade featuring actual floats! Bring your sunscreen and opera glasses, and get here early! Apple Blossom security will pretend not to know what you are talking about if the seating area is full, and you will end up standing in front of Safeway.