The Ultimate Racket Sport

When you think of badminton, some words that come to mind may be “fun” and “easy,” but I am here to tell you that this is far from the truth. Yes, the sport is fun but it is anything from easy. Badminton is a sport that requires complex foot work, reflexes, and amazing cardio endurance.

We sweat, we cry, and we swear (but only when a coach isn’t nearby). We train just as much as any team and we take our games just as seriously. The season has just kicked off but sadly we have a very short season due to the lack of schools in the league. This year we have a great team that has great energy and a fighting spirit. This year we are also welcoming a brand-new conditioning coach named Casey Williams (No relationship to Ms. Williams, we already asked). When I asked fellow teammates to describe badminton in three words, they responded:

“Challenging, skillful, and rewarding.”

“Exhilarating, crazy, fun.”

“Hot, sweaty, and tiring.”

Currently, we have only played one league match. I am happy to announce our victory over Piner. During the game I was able to steal a quiet minute with both of our coaches to ask a few questions.

Ms. Williams:

What’s your favorite thing about being the badminton coach?

-“The kids.”

What would you say is the hardest part?

-“The numbers. Everybody wants their needs met and there is no way for me to meet the needs of 43 individual kids. The ‘me’ generation!”

What do you wish other people knew about the sport?

-“That it’s way harder than people think and you have to be in good cardiovascular condition to play a good match. People think it’s baby and easy.”

If you could do it over again would you play badminton in high school?

-“Play badminton? Oh yeah. It would have been a ton of fun.”

Casey Williams:

So what’s it like being the conditioning coach for the badminton team?

-“Oh man it’s amazing. It’s rewarding. It’s fun, it’s fun that Nancy brought me on to help out the team. I haven’t been back here in five years so it’s good to be back.”

Did you play sports when you went to Analy?

-“Yeah, I played basketball mostly. Freshman year I played football and baseball. But I stuck with basketball.”

What’s the hardest part about conditioning?

-“Oh man, just trying to get you guys to actually work. I have to keep my eye on you guys 24/7. If I’m not watching, you’re like just laying down during push-ups and planks.”

Before you came, did you have any experience with badminton?

-“Yeah, I played intermurals, and there was no league when I was here. I would have definitely played badminton. When basketball finished I would have had to play right after, but I would have definitely played.”

I hope you enjoyed the wonderful world of badminton. Stay tuned for updates and let’s go out and support our Analy tigers!